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“Come here. Come closer. I’ve got a little treat for you. This is something you won’t find in your glossy magazines or advertisement smattered commercial websites… singer-songwriter Richard Lomax has sent forth 3 tracks for our amusement and entertainment which are works in progress as he builds towards an album’s worth of material on Dog Face Records. This is a new experience on me and it kind of feels like popping in to kitchen at a top restaurant to taste the sauce for you main course a few hours before it’s ready. All a little bit out of the comfort zone but what are comfort zones for if not the getting out of?"

"The opening track, ‘Glamour’, is a gently picked and smoothly crooned number reminiscent of Badly Drawn Boy and I Am Kloot at their very best. Obvious comparisons, you may say, but the fact is that Lomax has matched their style and wit with a bare acoustic guitar and vocal recording so imagine what heights he could reach with a full band of musicians behind his songs. ‘Windmills’ leans a little more towards the Richard Hawley end of the spectrum but this is still firmly rooted in the Northern Singer Songwriter with a guitar and a dry sense of humour camp. Lomax has an uncanny ability to switch from the confessional, almost whispered lyric to the more bombastic, throat rasping rantings of a desperate man. Finally, we come to ‘Wellness’ which doesn’t deviate in style necessarily but does take a turn for the more sombre and mournful. It’s an unusual situation to be in, that of reviewing the unfinished product of somebody’s creative labours. However, I can safely and confidently say that if this was the finished product then it would already be well above the quality of many Singer Songwriters out there. So, Lomax just has to retain the raw, unfiltered emotion that is presented with such wit and worldly wisdom whilst simultaneously giving the songs a little more power and depth in the right places. Easier said than done…”


released December 9, 2013

Guitar/Omnichord/Vox: Richard Lomax
Bass: Clement Neveu
Double Bass: Joel Roberts
Guitar: Matthew Cleghorn
Percussion: Phill Howley
Percussion/Vox: Kev Morel

Produced by Kev Morel & Richard Lomax
Recorded and released by Dogface Records 2013.



all rights reserved


Richard Lomax (DFR) Manchester, UK

“Richard Lomax is a madman. As he sings his drunken, manic, sea-shanty style songs, his eyeballs roll into the back of his head, his face distorts into scowls and frowns and he wails unexpectedly, becoming more than just a mouth-piece for the songs but at one with the despair the song depicts… compelling, screwed up and brilliant.”
- Melissa Davey (Drum Media)
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